Frederick Resources

These are resources for the Frederick, Maryland area. Listed are service providers, including those offering gender-affirming care, as well as support groups and more! any resource on this list has been vouched for by local trans folks we’ve spoken to, either in person or online. We do not accept any compensation in exchange for inclusion.

Mental Health Services

Em’s Therapist

Em said their therapist was great! This person also writes letters but maybe not all types of letters.

Hair Removal Services

Electrolysis OF Frederick

We’ve heard great things about their electrolysis services. Their website does list “Electrolysis for Transgender,” which is not great.


Alazzo Med Spa

We’ve heard good things about their laser services, and that they are good with trans folks.


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Frederick offers gynecological services and has been affirming to local trans masculine folks.