October 1st, 2019, Join us at the MVA

Trans Healthcare MD led a coalition of organizations and individuals that worked to pass SB196/HB421, a Maryland bill that added a third gender marker to MVA issued IDs and removed administrative hurdles for those of us changing gender markers.

Starting October 1st, when the bill takes effect, Maryland will offer an “X” gender marker! In addition, we’ll be able to change gender markers by just checking a box!

Please join us October 1st at the main MVA branch in Glen Burnie for a celebration of this historic victory; members of our core team and many of our friends and siblings will be there changing our gender markers, some to an “X.” No matter what gender marker we switch to, all we’ll have to do is Just Check The Box!

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Note: this event will probably draw media/photographers, so if you don't wish to be photographed, you may not want to attend this event. Additionally selecting "going" or "interested" on this event may share it with your Facebook friends; please take that into account.