Supporting Baltimore City's Trans Employees

Thank you to our core team member Ezra Halstead for writing this important letter of support for last week's hearing. Spoiler, the motion passed and Baltimore City employees will no longer have trans healthcare exemptions! Gratitude and appreciation to the folks who have worked on this for months, and to everyone out there who is putting their all into making this process better for our community.


Passports: From Viral Posts to Facts

We're big fans of listening to our trusted trans organizations that are working on behalf of our community. In particular, the National Center for Transgender Equality comes to mind when considering our access to legal documents, and they publish an informative & interactive guide to changing legal documents. There have been some viral posts about identity documents, specifically United States passports that have made the rounds lately, and we'd like to encourage folks to read this informative Facebook post about identity documents from the NCTE to ease minds from worry on this specific issue. 

Information is POWER and we have a lot of trans and ally attorneys working hard to ensure we have accurate and accessible information. Please share this accurate information with your trans circles.