HB421 Passes in the House

We are overjoyed to report that HB421 has passed through the House with a veto-proof majority! Since its Senate companion bill (SB196) has also passed with a veto-proof majority, SB196/HB421 is now almost ready to become law, mandating a third gender maker option and gender self-attestation for MVA-issued IDs!

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved! If you called, emailed, testified, otherwise worked on it or supported those who did, you helped make this change happen!

We'd especially like to thank Delegate Sara Love and Senator William C. Smith, Jr. for introducing the bills in the House and Senate and both them and their staff for the long hours they put in to support this process.

A Coalition of trans-led and trans-affiliated organizations has been working hard, often behind-the-scenes, to get us to this historic moment. The Coalition includes Trans Healthcare MD, The Baltimore Transgender Alliance, FreeState Justice, Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project, HostHome, Maryland Trans* Unity, National Center for Transgender Equality, Trans Recognition Maryland, Trans Terps and Whitman-Walker Health. We've been elated and honored to be a part of this gathering of inspiring and dedicated folks. We've seen the incredible power of this coalition and know great things are in its future!

Maryland has just taken a huge step towards providing all trans, nonbinary and gender expansive folks in our state with the dignity, representation and justice we deserve!!!