Our Mission

Trans Healthcare MD aims to unify the transgender community of Maryland for the purpose of extending accessible, competent and comprehensive affirming healthcare to everyone in the state and improving the lives of all trans, nonbinary and gender expansive Marylanders.

Current WOrk

We’re working to get Planned Parenthood to offer affirming, dignifying care to trans people in all of its many Maryland locations.
This includes:
* gender identity and pronoun training
* teaching staff about trans bodies
* best practices for respecting trans patients’ needs
* hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

While Planned Parenthood is currently our main focus due to their size, coverage, and experience with reproductive and sexual health, we’ll continue to pursue these same goals with other individual and systemic healthcare providers.

During the 2019 Maryland legislative session, we’ve worked with a coalition of trans-led or trans-affiliated organizations towards necessary policy changes in our state. These organizations include the Baltimore Transgender Alliance, the National Center for Transgender Equality, Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project, HostHome, Maryland Trans Unity, FreeState Justice and Trans Recognition Maryland.

We’re building bridges with local political and outreach groups, like SWOP Baltimore, DCATS, LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County and Montgomery County DSA.

We look forward to participating in more events, including the first Trans Visibility Community Festival, Trans Thriving and panel discussions in a range of venues. We will be attending Prides across the state in 2019.

Finally, we’ve built a safe online community by and for trans Marylanders to share their tips, experiences, and questions about their healthcare.

This is where we need your help the most. If you’re a member of the Maryland trans community, we need your voice. Please join our Facebook group, follow our Instagram, and share us with your network.

If you’re comfortable sharing any experiences you’ve had in your medical care — good, bad, or otherwise meaningful to you — it would mean the world if you share them! Through networking our information, we will empower each other to make healthy choices and avoid roadblocks.